FAME The Musical – A great collaboration of the colorful costume and the bright neon 80’s makeup & voluminous hairstyling.

The pictures of FAME The Musical in this website was taken by Daniel Nussbaumer. Some pictures was taken by Glow & Gorgeous by Milanti Makeup Artist & Hairstylist.

We are proudly to be the styling team on the backstage of beautiful and colorful “FAME The Musical” at Roxy Theater Birsfelden in March 2019. This was our collaboration between STYLE 4 Makeup and Hair do Styling Team with the talented and reliable Makeup Artist and Hairstylist and the 4th grade musical student 2019 of Gymnasium Muttenz.

My great thank you to the production team of FAME The Musical Gymnasium Muttenz, to the musical students 2019, the director Karolina Kowalska and the head of production team Christoph Huldi for a great opportunity for STYLE 4 Makeup & Hair do Styling Team to collaborate  for this project. It was an exciting experience for all of the styling team. We are very proud of all the talented and diligent students and we are grateful that we supported on your project.  

A bunch thank you to the STYLE 4 Makeup & Hair do Styling Team for FAME The Musical who gave their time, highly dedication and hard worked. I am as the head of styling team,  really thankful and highly appreciated  to STYLE 4 Makeup & Hair do styling team for FAME The Musical  2019, at Roxy Theater Birsfelden. The styling team who participated were :

  • Lydia Vogt makeup Artist,   Instagram @lydiavogt_makeupartist
  • Regula Strübin,   Instagram @regula_primpamee
  • Yuliia Paredes,   Instagram @makeup_basel
  • Corinna Laffer,   Instagram @faceart_by_corinna
  • Nina Urech,   Instagram @world_of_makeup_by_nina
  • Irene Marquez,   Instagram marquez_makeup_hair
  • Sabryna Nitihardjo, Assistant for costume & hair
  • Ezgi Yücel, Assistant for backstage & hair
  • Head of Makeup Artist & Hairstylist , Milanti Erlan   @glow_and_gorgeous_by_milanti

I wish you all have a successful career and have a lot of great clients. I am looking forward to work with all of you again on the next project.

FAME The Musical, Production of Gymnasium Muttenz in 2019.

The beautiful musical of FAME was perfomed at Roxy Theater Birsfelden, Switzerland on :

  • Thursday 21.03.2019, 19:00
  • Friday 22.03.2019, 11:00
  • Friday 22.02.2019, 20:00
  • Saturday 23.03.2019, 20:00

It was a successful show. The ticket was sold out. Even on the grand rehearsal was full of audiences.

Author : Milanti Erlan, http://www.instagram.com/style_4_make_up_and_hair_do

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