Lydia Vogt Makeup Artist

Lydia Vogt is a great and a passionate makeup artist.

She has some experices doing makeup for photo shooting, fashion show and local carnival called Fasnacht. It was her first experience doing makeup at the backstage of a musical like FAME The Musical production of Gymnasium Muttenz for musical students 2019.

She applied makeup to 4 students who performed as Mabel Washington, the ambitious ballet student Iris Kelly, Grace/Lambchops and a student who had 80’s makeup.

She gave her dedication and hardwork for the whole 6 days project, 2 days rehearsal & 4 shows. She brought her energy and passionate for makeup everytime she came to the makeup room and spreaded it to her colleagues.

Maira Zaugg as Iris Kelly, makeup & hairstyling by Lydia Vogt Makeup Artist
Celina Speissegger as Mabel Washington, makeup andhairstyling by Lydia Vogt
Rafaela Moor as Grace Lamb / Lambchops, makeup by Lydia Vogt Makeup Artist

Please visit her website, Instagram & facebook for more information about Lydia and her makeup works. Lydia Vogt Makeup Artist.

Author : Glow & Gorgeous by Milanti

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