Yuliia Paredes

Make up Artist Basel

Hello everybody! My name is Yuliia, I’m 25 years old, I’m from Ukraine but since 2017 I live in Switzerland.

Makeup is my favourite hobby, I’m passionate about it since I was a kid 😊Last summer I’ve decided that makeup can be not just favourite hobby, but favourite job as well, so I’ve finished 2 makeup schools in Kiev, and also few online workshops but this is just a beginning of my way. I like to learn something new and to experiment in this field.

Please visit my Instagram to have a look some pictures of my work.

Fiona Vogel as Serena Katz, makeup by Yuliia Paredes @makeup basel
Tamara Buser as Ms. Greta Bell, makeup by Yuliia Paredes @makeup basel

Author : Yuliia Paredes @makeup_basel

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