STRIKE The Musical

STRIKE The Musical was the first show of Gymnasium Muttenz Production after the pandemie COVID-19 in 2021.

STRIKE was an adaption of The Musical NEWSIES which was first performed at Broadway in 2012. It was based on the true story about The New York newsies (boys and girls who sold newspapers on the street of New York) in 1899. The group of newsies banded together, went up against two newspaper publishers, Joseph Pulitzer of The New York World and William Randolph Hearst of New York Journal, to fight for their livable wage. The strike lastes two weeks, from July 20 to August 2, 1899.

The 4th grade of musical course students of Gymnasium Muttenz sang the energic songs and danced the dynamic coreography for STRIKE The Musical at The Roxy Theater in Birsfelden Canton Basel-Landschaft on June 30 – July 2, 2021. STRIKE was directed by Karolina Kowalska. Franziska Baumgartner was The Musical Direction and Vocal Coaching. Christoph Huldi was The Production Manager.

The talented students who acted for STRIKE The Musical are Lenard Fasnacht as Jack KElly, Julia Kunz as Crutchie, Thomas Jäschke as Davey, Vera Müller as Les, Leyla Huber as Race, Nico Habegger as Romeo and Mayor. Elena Gotti as Finch and Billie, Cem Kalkandelen as Spot Colon, Stephanie Ebner as Katherine, Anna Talimaa as Medda, Laura Brecht as Josephine Pulitzer, Shaina Bluschi as Hannah and Osar Delancey, Sabine Schär as Seitz and Newsie, Maruja Ortega as Bunsen and Jacobi, Tenzin Muster as Wiesel and NEwsie, Moritz Kunz as Morris Delancey and Newsie, Agote Siupsinskas as Snyder and Newsie. Extra who played as policemen, Brooklyn’s newsie are Louis Jauslin, Simon Schweizer, Leoni Näff, Celine Spessegger and Enrico Nitihardjo.

These are the pictures of the show of STRIKE The Musical, performed by Musical Student of Gymnasium Muttenz 2021 at Roxy Theater on June 30 to July 2, 2021. The makeup and hair styling for all the characters and extras supported by STYLE 4 Makeup & Hairdo Styling Team.

Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists who worked on STRIKE The Musical are :

Milanti Erlan Nitihardjo as Head of Makeup and Hair Styling @glow_and_gorgeous_by_milanti

Yuliia Paredes @makeup_basel

Jessica Fischer @santana.makeupart

Glauci Roth @beautyspacehadasah

Zoe Urben @necklessrose

Tanja Galm @tanja.makeupart

Alice da Silva Nascimento @alicebeautyworld

Anna Habermacher @annmakeup_nonstop

Sabrina Burri @hair.make_up.artist.sabrina

Lisa Domenica @hairvisalisa

Irene Marquez @marquez_makeup_hair

Montserrat Lado

All the pictures during the shows taken by Daniel Nussbaumer @nufototext_basel.

All the pictures during the rehearsal taken by Genenvieve Chanel Mathis @genchanel

The pictures for the styling documentations taken by Arpad Anderegg @arpad.anderegg

Video STRIKE The Musical taken at Roxy Theater by Daniel Nussbaumer, Till Hablützel, Nicola Steiner &Tim Vaterlaus.

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