Nina Urech

Nina is a newcomer of professional Makeup Artist.

She worked as Makeup Artist on collaboration project of Gymnasium Muttenz for the 4th grade musical students 2019 and STYLE 4 Makeup and Hair do Styling Team.

FAME The Musical 2019 at Roxy Theater Birsfelden was her first experience as Makeup Artist at the backstage of a musical.

She appleid makeup to 5 students who performed as Nick Piazza, the other students who performed as students with 80’s makeup and as students of ballet class. She finished to do the makeup perfectly for 5 student in 3 hours.

Corinna and Nina sharing their makeup task for the same students on different day. Nina worked on premiere show and Corinna worked on derniere show.

A ballet student, makeup by Nina Urech @world_of_makeup_by_nina on the premiere show
Nick Piazza, makeup by Nina Urech @world_of_makeup_by_nina on the premiere show

Please visit her Instagram by clicking the Instagram icon below, for more information about Nina and her makeup work.

Nina Urech, world_of_makeup_by_nina.

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