Regula Strübin

Regula is a great beautician. She run her beauty & cosmetics studio “Primpa mee…” at Spinnlerstrasse 2/405 in Liestal. Beside doing skin & body treatment in her studio, she offer also bridal makeup and makeup workshop for bride to be with their bridesmaid and private clients.

She worked as a Makeup Artist on the collaboration project of Gymnasiun Muttenz for 4th grade musical students 2019 and STYLE 4 Makeup & Hair do Styling Team.

FAME The Musical 2019 at Roxy Theater Birsfelden was her first experience as a Makeup Artist at the backstage of a musical.

She is a friendly person, like to communicate with people around her, specially with the person who sit on her makeup chair.

She applied makeup to 5 students who performed as Tyron Jackson, Ms. Shermann and 3 student of ballet class.

Ms. Sherman, makeup by Regula Strübin @primpamee
Tyron Jackson and a ballet student, Makeup by Regula Strübin @primpamee
A student, makeup by Regula Strübin@primpamee

Please visit her website, Instagram and facebook for more information about Regula, her beauty studio, her makeup tips and her makeup work.

Author : Glow & Gorgeous by Milanti

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